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all of your flaws by toff-u
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Hi guys! I'm Reagan! Or Rea as most of you know me! (That's pronounced like Ray, thank you) I'm 19, and a college Freshman animation major at RMCAD!
I have been drawing for about seven years now, and animating for almost five. I type waaay too fast so it's not uncommon to find me making typos. My dream is to and open my own animation studio. I looooove movies with a passion, so I want to make movies that hopefully others will love like I love my favorite movies.

Please forgive how slow I am at responding to comment or fan art! I will always respond to fan art if it's sent to me or shows up in my mentions, it just might take me a bit. Sorry!
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I rly like re-heated Mac 'n Cheese



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aAAA bae im just gonna stay in your account forever I missed it and its surprising tidiness-
this is gonna be cheesy af but I didn’t think soulmates were a thing until I met you and now here we are and I fIRMly believe you are the most important person to ever grace the earth and I am so so happy to know you. Like st g just thinking about you or waiting for you to get home & on skype or the f rickin zodiac bracelet on my wrist catching my eye gives me all these butterflies. After four years of being with you like it’s so much better you know- like we’re a million years past the initial excitement of meeting someone new but all of the love and care and shitty jokes involved are just that much stronger. Like anyone we’ve had our issues but tbh bouncing back from that it just highlights how incredibly important of a best friend you are to me and vice versa and if there were anything I treasure most, tHIs relationship would be it. Tbh id pack this relationship in a go-bag in the case of a fire.
Idk im just so impressed by your existence. Ill tell fuckin anyone about you like, cHECk it I have a cute supertalented best friend *who’s going to nyc to make it big* & you know where im spending my summer it’s with her and the 8 million wasps in her room and her mini donkey. You’re just so incredible and wonderful and so oooo so pretty and sweet and a complete dork and you care so much and you just fuckin brighten the world around you man ty for being alive its appreaciated.
There’s just no time in the future that I can envision without being excited to see you. The next four years?? Wow I cant wait to see how rea improved in animations jfc. The next decade?? Holy shit she’ll probably be able to start her own direction by then. The next 30?? Jfc she’s going to be on big screens and im going to get to see her fuckin make the goals she set when she was a freshman in high school who had a nepeta askblog.
Stg man I love you so so much and that won’t change no matter what we go through
ily katsumi--chan

Which one? 

1,170 deviants said Felicity x Cas
588 deviants said Neither/Other
496 deviants said Felicity x Vincent


Become my child
I will adopt you and become your mother

The Great Ginger


all of your flaws by toff-u

My projects:

NuzRea; comic series of my pokemon X Nuzlocke run. (Nuzlocke; can only catch the first pokemon on each route, any faint is considered a death). Ongoing series! Read it here
Comic dub series in the works, coming out in March! Starring me and my friends Katydidnothing and Aishyu

Lissylocke; speed comic of a pokemon Platinum run. I'm doing it as a challenge and I'm playing the game as I make the comic so not even I know who makes it to the end. Read it here

Human warrior cats; spin off au of the warriors books for a future MAP I'm gonna host. Follow the designs as I post them on a dedicated tumblr here

Fingers Crossed; My original series. Still 100% in progress but they are my b a b i e s and I love them with my whole heart. Will be an official animated series one of these days. But for now, this is all I have posted of them


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My children


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My legally adopted children. You're all so beautiful, mommy loves you very much <3

Super baby. Twice adopted!

Me mega babies. Thrice adopted.

Me mega vega babies. Four times adopted.

Baby boss. The dominants. Five times adopted.

Master babies! Six times adopted:

Ultra Master baby. Seven times adopted! That's a lot of paperwork.

The special "i spent 1000 points on this" child

The extra super duper special "I've been adopted 13 times" child


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your bday is legit a day before mine

(almost) tWINS-
SilverspiritDrawz Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hello! I am writing a book about human WC's and I was wondering if I could use your designs? I am starting with the first series and I will write up to the current series! I love your art!!
Please answer!
KarisBBTV Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Hey Rea, 

I'd love to talk YouTube strategy with you- could we chat more over email?

goldsunthepotato Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hello motherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sorry lmao 
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I hope you do not mind... but you've been tagged!…
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